What is the hourly minimum?

The hourly minimum is 6 hours. The studio can be booked any number of hours following the minimum. We offer a full day lockout rate (12 hours).

What is your hourly rate?

Please call us directly and speak with our Booking Manager.

Where are you located?

We are located in the heart of the Arts District of North Hollywood. Our Address is 11128 Weddington St. North Hollywood, CA 91601

Can I park at the studio?

We do have a private gated parking lot for our clients. For larger production crews we recommend that you park in the parking lot next door. We offer 8 parking spots per studio provided the studio has both rooms booked for the day.

Can I smoke inside the building?

We have designated smoking areas outside the building.

What kind of gear do you have available?

All gear is included in your room rate and on a first come, first serve basis. Click here to see our entire gear list.

Do I need a staff or asssitant Engineer?

We provide an assistant Engineer for every session to ensure that your setup is ready by the time you walk in the door. Our assistant Engineers have extensive knowledge of each studio. You may also request an Engineer for your session if you can’t provide one.

Do you record to tape?

We have the possibility to set up our Studer A827 24-track tape machines in both Studio A and B for recording directly to tape.

What plugins/monitors do you have?

Please refer to our gear list.

How big are your tracking rooms?

Both Studio A and B have a 30’ x 40’ live room. Click here to see the floor plan for Studio A and Studio B.

How many people can you fit in one room?

We have the ability to hold approximately a 25 person ensemble. We can fit large parties for events.

Can we order food to the studio?

A runner is provided with every session to go on food/errand runs for you

Are you open 24/7?

Yes, we are open 24/7.

Do you provide internships / I’m an Engineer, can I apply for a job?

From time to time we do offer three-month internships for school credit. To be considered please email your resume to jillian@nrgrecording.com. Our employment opportunities are a hire within basis. We offer an internship to Engineer program.